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lawrence3/1/2020, 8:00:00 PM

On Saturday, February 29, the second part of the battle for the title of Best Trader TRQPro on the BitMEX platform came to an end! Below you will find a description of how the competition went. To say that he was exciting is like saying nothing. Check! We'll start from the end - well, in the February edition of the TRQPro League on BitMEX won * Robredo * by dialing a sensational result ** + 134...

Panciow2/19/2020, 12:00:00 PM

In this part of the training we will show you how to buy your first altcoin. Having Bitcoin - with which we will make all our purchases in order to increase its quantity, we decide to trade in cheaper instruments. Hoping at the same time for their increases against the main currency. Every percentage increase in a given instrument will allow us to increase the amount of Bitcoins w...

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