It's just four weeks since the League started - time to sum up!

The winner of the October TRQPro League was the player Bisa121, scoring + 55%! Milosny came in second with 17%, and tomfly with ROE 14%. Congratulations to the first three!

This was the game!

Speaking of prizes, it is impossible not to mention the fact that they are fully financed from funds collected during the League on the TRQPro affiliate account. Thanks to this, the players finance their own prizes without spending a single zloty. 0.0644 BTC accumulated during this edition of the competition, which at a price of around 35500 PLN / BTC gives a pot of just under 2300 PLN! Detailed information on the awards is provided below.

1st place 🥇:

  • 30% of the collected fee during the League
  • Weekend for two at the 5-star Holiday Inn hotel in Krakow ([see] (

2nd place:

  • 20% of the collected fee during the League
  • CryptoEnergyDrink (pack of 24)

3rd place:

  • 10% of the collected fee during the League
  • CryptoEnergyDrink (pack of 24)

What was the game like?

At the start of the league - on October 7, stood 28 players. In the early days RobertMalocha showed great activity imposing a frantic pace of competition, because after a few days he boasted an incredible ROE of several hundred percent. Unfortunately, the aggressive game turned out to be fatal and as fast as he earned - he was forced to capitulate announcing the liquidation. Four more players dropped out with Robert in the first week, and two were disqualified for breaking the rules.

After the first stop, Panciow sat on the leader's chair with a great result of + 80%. As it turned out later - he could stop there and victory would be in his pocket - but the pressure of competition and risky play led to the loss of funds for this player aswell. At that time sirkostek came second and Bisa121 in third.

When half the struggle passed, only 17 out of 28 players remained in the game. The player's T-shirt was won by Bisa121 despite the fact that his deposit has slightly decreased compared to the previous week. Sirkostek, who had previously occupied the second place, was badly hurt by the intense fluctuations in the BTC exchange rate, which meant he was forced to give up the earned profit more than before. Jest3roz was second at the halfway point and just before AlexanderTradeGreat. For both players, the following week was not kind, however, and Jest3roz lost 67% of its capital, and Alexander had to end the struggle as a result of the liquidation.

The third summary took place on October 28. The group of players has shrunk to only 11 people. Bisa121 increased its deposit by 12%, which gave him a total result of + 49%. Milosny achieved a good result, gaining 16% in a week he came second with a result of + 30%. Majkel was third then, followed by Tomfly. Sirkostek made up the big share of losses from the second week and went back to the plus side.

Finally, the final summary has arrived. In the last week players were very cautious about trading. None of the players has reported liquidation. Bisa slightly increased his deposit reaching the final result + 55%, which allowed him to win. Milosny made an attack on the chair of the leader, however, he failed and cost him 10% of the current deposit, which meant that he finally finished the struggle with the result of + 17% coming in second place. Majkel didn't play well and losing 3% in the last week had to give third place to the player Tomfly, who tactically did not take any position in the final week of the struggle. Congratulations to all winners!


! [Text] (

Congratulations to all participants who managed to earn during this difficult competition. Thank you to everyone who wished to take part in the game! See you in the next ([edit] (!

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