** Today we present you with the nDivergence indicator. **
A few words from Tomasz who presented him to our community on the telegram https://t.me/TRQProAT

I found a quite interesting indicator for observation - nDivergence - it shows divergence on price indices - it is based on what I see about MACD. I noticed several dependencies and signals it gives. The strongest is when the red or blue line moves away from the black line in opposite directions - i.e. as in point 2 - the price goes up and the black indicator starts to fall. Another example is 1 - that is, the price is rising and both indicators are already falling - in addition, there is a large distance of red from black which is the base. This can probably be interpreted as a significant deviation in indicators. https://www.tradingview.com/x/5XYjVH4r/ - works well with accumulation or distribution zones. Of course, in the case of very strong trends, it will not necessarily give good signals - that's why it is worth taking a correction like this with every indicator. Does not show indications for all TFs - I checked 1h and 12h. For the less advanced, it can be useful for choosing the direction of the price movement - that is, if we have red lines over black, we play shorts, and if we have blue lines under black, we play long - e.g. at smaller intervals (treat it as loose interpretations). Here BTC for 1h https://www.tradingview.com/x/WkOep1HU/

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