Introduction to cryptocurrency training

In recent months, investing in cryptocurrencies has become increasingly popular, and fluctuations in the price of Bitcoin and popular altcoins cause a lot of excitement, both for experienced traders and people who are just starting their adventure with these unusual financial instruments.

At this point, the specificity of this market should be strongly emphasized - when deciding to invest and enter the world of cryptocurrencies, you need to be aware that these are currently instruments with the largest price fluctuations, which may significantly increase the investor's budget or lead to a total loss of funds.

The inclusion of such information at the very beginning results from the fact that the purpose and task of TRQPro is broadly understood investment assistance as well as education in the field of cryptocurrency. We place particular emphasis on an effective way to avoid losing invested funds by learning trading, learning about the market and support in making investment decisions. If, despite the risk associated with a potential investment, you are determined and ready to enter the world of investing - we are pleased to invite you to a comprehensive training that will help you, from scratch, to familiarize yourself with each of the most important elements of navigating the cryptocurrency market. # We will teach you how to buy currency safely, handle the largest stock exchanges, and most importantly - we will try to give all possible tips to properly secure the invested funds.

We will try to present all the information in the most understandable way possible, and carry out the entire training so that the knowledge it contains is easily absorbed. Thanks to this, every person who carefully goes through all the materials will be ready to put their first steps on the cryptocurrency market.

The whole training has been divided by us into extensive stages, which are designed to gradually clarify the most important issues step by step:

1. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies - understand the environment.

In this part, we will try to explain to you what cryptocurrencies are and discuss the blockchain chain. We will introduce the environment of potential investment.

2. Purchase of the first Bitcoin, transfer to a private wallet.

We will show you where to buy the first bitcoin at the moment, what to pay special attention to, how to create your first wallet and securely transfer funds to it.

3. Cryptocurrency exchanges.

We will discuss the largest exchanges for you, showing their capabilities and limitations, and teach you how to set up and secure an account.

4. The world of altcoins.

We will present how the currency exchange transaction is carried out - buying altcoins for bitcoin and show what to look for when deciding to invest in smaller projects.

5. Fundamentals of technical analysis - support, resistance, formations.

In this part you will learn the basics of technical analysis.

6. Bitmex and Deribit - quick profit or sudden death.

Playing on the lever - we will discuss the two largest platforms paying your special attention to threats, possibilities and their proper operation.

Thank you very much for having decided to explore the world of cryptocurrency with us - we invite you to the training.

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