They started! The first edition of this year's battle for the title of Best Trader TRQPro at BitMEX has started! 39 players hungry for competition checked in, which is a pretty good result. The struggles of these players can be followed in our League tab.

The start of the rivalry coincided with the occurrence of high volatility on cryptocurrency markets. BTC grown from 7200 to over 8400. Thanks to this, traders have plenty of opportunities to increase their accounts, but they must be very careful, because the rapid movements on BTC can be a double-edged sword. After five days of our games, now we have 13 people with a positive result, with ** Dejv ** leading the way with a pretty substantial ROE of ** 57.4% *. * sirkostek ** comes second with ** 30.79% ** ahead of ** Paula21 ** by only 0.39%! As you can see, you can draw something from these movements. Interestingly, we could see more spectacular results in this League. Player ** Rodi81 ** and ** grassy1 ** in the first two days multiplied their deposits more than twice. Many of the more cautious players clutched their heads looking at their few percent profit. However, as the old Chinese proverb says, "Don't say hop until you say hip!" Players had to give up spectacular profit just as quickly. While ** grass1 ** is still in play, in the case of ** Rodi ** it ended in liquidation. Speaking of liquidations, ** Winning Tipster ** was the first to be liquidated in the League, which apparently shortened the aforementioned breakout. There are currently five players outboard.

As long as the ball is in play - there is nothing to judge. Congratulations to current Leaders and good luck for the others. Monthly League is not a sprint, but a marathon, so much can change too. We encourage you to follow the results on a regular basis!

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If you want to join and act with us - welcome aboard!

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