The GG World project is becoming more and more popular among the Polish community. This can be evidenced by analyzes appearing on YouTube, which, despite the involvement of the creators are missing the truth in some places. Together with GG International, we decided to present in one place all the information necessary for those interested.

The history of the project dates back to 2000-2009, during which time the GG International team gained knowledge and experience about the lottery market by working for various projects related to it as freelancers. In 2009, the idea appeared to develop a platform selling lottery tickets online, which can be seen at (note: it is necessary to use VPN and foreign ip, e.g. from Opera).

The name was not created right away. LottoPark originally operated at different addresses. It took its final shape in 2015, when the current domain was purchased. It was chosen due to the fact that in almost all languages ​​it means the same and also sounds similar, thanks to which the platform can enjoy attractive and consistent branding. LottoPark was warmly received by the market, which created the project.

In the same year, WhiteLotto began offering the opportunity to launch the same platform as LottoPark as a franchise. Since then, a network of websites based on this software has been developing, and subsequent websites such as or are created every month. Thanks to the developed technology, the company has managed to reduce the time to launch the next pages from several months to several days.

The company believes that the online lottery brokerage market is one of the most profitable in history. This is due to the fact that, unlike other industries, customers show high loyalty and brand attachment, which is why has a steady increase in sales. Each partner can count on free advertising, because huge accumulations (often exceeding $ 100,000,000) in major lotteries are heavily publicized by the world's media.

What's more, according to WhiteLotto, this market is still very undeveloped. This is especially true in Latin America, Asia and Africa. Currently, WhiteLotto provides services to clients in over 50 countries and 40 languages.

In 2017, the most ambitious project in the company's history appears: a global lottery based on similar assumptions as EuroJackpot or Powerball. The game has a common prize pool for all participating countries. Part of the profits are to be allocated to support local charity campaigns. The first contracts are signed in African countries. The GG International team, which takes over WhiteLotto management and supports lottery-related projects, also develops white paper for the project.

Africa is starting in 2019, the first national lottery operated by GG International - the national lottery of Zambia ( We have received information that it is there that within two months the sales of GG World games will start, both online and offline. It can be expected that this will increase the payout of bonus No. 2, which we will describe below.

A few months later another lottery started, this time in Peru (, which is supported by one of the company's partners ( In this way, the company managed to meet all the assumptions contained in the original WhitePaper. At the same time, Global Game Coin is created (, which has several bonuses. A global lottery project is also being implemented - GG World Lottery, which gives players the opportunity to win the world's largest jackpot of $ 100,000,000.

"The sales data in our network made us realize that this amount is a decisive factor for players when choosing a lottery. This is evidenced by the fact that 80% of our sales are lotteries in which the main prize is currently at least $ 100 million. However, when it is gained and returns to the starting level, sales decrease significantly. Apparently, $ 40 million in US lotteries is not attractive enough for players. That's why we decided to create a game that gives you the opportunity to earn that amount every time. Thanks to this, without performing almost any marketing activities, GG World competes for a place on the sales podium in our network, being a worthy competitor to the largest European and American lotteries. " - informs GG International.

Recognized professionals from around the world take part in the development of the project:

  • Dr. Steven Melnik ( - one of the directors of GG International and the Global Brand Ambassador.

  • Allen Wu ( CEO of BinZayed Investment group. The company belongs to the richest family in United Arab Emirates, BinZayed.

In the network, we came across photos of the Polish director of GG International, visiting the lottery headquarters in China and Vietnam, as well as in the government buildings of African and Caribbean countries. Does this mean that GG World will also expand its activities in these markets, thanks to which GG International's games range will increase significantly?

We asked about it, obtaining a rather short answer: "We prefer to deliver rather than promise. Please be patient, this is just the beginning of our path."

Considering the project's achievements and development, it seems that the GGC token will enjoy increasing popularity. At present, the supply on the BitBay exchange, where it is listed, is clearly limited. At a price below $ 3 per token, only a few thousand GGCs are currently available, and the entire sales order book is less than 100,000. pieces. What causes GGC holders to be reluctant to get rid of tokens rather than long-term possession? The answer to this question is probably the bonuses associated with GGC, which you can read about on the token page:

"Bonus 1: Each token holder will receive $ 1 (paid out in ETH) for each GGC token they own when the main GG World Lottery win is won for the first time."

Bonus 2: In the initial period of GG World, all GGC token holders will receive a monthly bonus based on the sale of GG World Lottery tickets (1% of the proceeds from the sale of tickets). From the moment GG World Lottery's main win is won for the first time and Bonus 1 is paid out, Bonus 2 will be paid out whenever the jackpot is won. This will be 1% of each major win, distributed to all GGC holders in proportion to the number of tokens held.

Bonus 3: Each GGC holder will receive a bonus of up to $ 2 / token (paid in ETH), just for storing it in their wallet. This bonus is linked to the next GG World game. "The token holder will receive $ 1 (paid in ETH) for each

(The following summary should not be considered as an investment advice, it only presents our opinion.)

As it is easy to count taking into account the announced bonus, the value of GGC in practice is currently $ 3 after adding bonuses 1 and 3. Having added this bonus 2, it can be said that this year this value will increase even more. The possible entry into the Chinese market will also be very important for GGC, which would be the first event of this type in lottery history and would undoubtedly increase GG World sales, and thus the amount of bonus 2.

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