IV TRQPro League has come to an end!

The first edition of the league battle in 2020 is behind us. After a month full of twists and turns, ups and downs, spectacular profits and devastating losses, traders reached the finish line. ** LawrenceD ** came first and reached a final ROE of 86.95%. The second place was occupied by ** DonRomantyk ** with a result of + 71.79%. Bronze won ** sirkostek ** with a result of + 57.52%. Congratulations to the first three!

Those who observe cryptocurrencies know that January was a month of very dynamic price changes performed by BTC. It gained 30% in a month, and overcoming subsequent price resistance resulted in volatility exceeding a few percentage points in just a few minutes. Such a dynamic market gave a lot of chances to increase its capital, however it was a double-edged sword that rebuked people who were over-trading or playing without stop-loss. High volatility was seen in the ranking. It will not be an exaggeration if you say that it was the most exciting and unpredictable league in the history of our games. Some of the events were described in the report of the first week, which you will find [here] (https://www.trqpro.pl/wpis/24/liga-ruszyla-omawiamy-pierwsze-dni-zmagan). In the rest of the article you will find a small summary of what the further games looked like.

Maybe some statistics first. 8 people from 39 starters finished the league battle on a positive result. This means that to get points for the general classification (top ten points) you did not have to earn! As many as 17 traders finished the League below the line, and 14 people passed the liquidation. As follows from the quoted numbers - a little over 20% of people earned, which would be consistent with the usual stock market trends. It is worth mentioning that in this league 3 people have exceeded the magical level of 100% ROE, and one player - ** grassy1 ** - can boast that at one point he got 208% return and doing this rally from -55,85%! This means that from this low to the highest point, increase the deposit almost seven times. It is a pity that it was not possible to maintain the leadership position, but a similar fate was shared by all of the three people who crossed the 100% ROE barrier. In addition to the aforementioned they were ** Rodi81 ** and ** dejv_to_ja **.

! [Final ranking - winning ten] (https://cms.trqpro.pl/uploads/ca3051384a20422ba8ffddb2dd565262.JPG)

As can be seen from the excerpt from the final ranking, the League winner, ** LawrenceD *, for most of the duration of the struggle hovered around the initial state. In the last week of the League, however, he earned enough to win the competition. As you can see - he waited with his position until the right moment, and he fully utilized that moment. Other medalists had different tactics. Looking at the graph of players' * DonRomantyk ** and ** sirkostek ** players, you can see that they regularly played positions building profit. Sirkostek approached 100% ROE three times, but failed. Three days before the end of the league he was still leading, and the day before he was second. As we know from the chat rooms of chat - in the evening before the final summary he reached over 100%, however, through a risky game he had to give away a large part of the profit and come to terms with the third place.. DonRomantyk gradually earned and with a small spoon he made his way to the top of the podium. Bravo!

Also noteworthy in this league is ** Cryptoslawek ** and ** Jest3roZ **, whose capital curve was drawn very evenly throughout most of the league. Unfortunately - in the end something did not play and they scored a deeper loss. Maybe in the next league they will refine this element and finish in high places? We wish it!

You can view the full ranking [here] (https://www.trqpro.pl/liga-historia). Now we have a few days break and we are starting the second stage of the battle. The next edition of the League will start on 6.02.2020! We invite you to compete and prove who is the best trader on the BitMEX platform! Registration can be found [here!] (Https://www.trqpro.pl/liga)

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