On Saturday, February 29, the second part of the battle for the title of Best Trader TRQPro on the BitMEX platform came to an end! Below you will find a description of how the competition went. To say that he was exciting is like saying nothing. Check!

We'll start from the end - well, in the February edition of the TRQPro League on BitMEX won ** Robredo ** by dialing a sensational result ** + 134.56% ** deposit! Big congratulations to him. ** Cryptoslawek ** came second, which increased its deposit by slightly less, because it gained ** + 121.11% ** of capital compared to the start. ** Jest3roZ ** climbed to the lowest step of the podium with a slightly more modest but laudable result ** + 26.84% *. Congratulations to the winners who shared * prizes worth around PLN 2,100 **! This is a new record in our leagues, of which we are very proud, because as everyone probably knows - we do not charge any entry fee, and the awards finance themselves, i.e. from refs. Below you can see how the top ten presented, which scored points in the annual / quarterly competition. I also encourage you to view the full statistics [HERE] (https://www.trqpro.pl/liga-historia).

! [Winning Top Ten of the V TRQPro League at BitMEX] (http://cms.trqpro.pl/uploads/a634a639cbe943cca1491835ac0f3470.JPG)

We already know the winners, now it's time to tell a bit about how the League went. There was a lot of emotion, as the upward trend in BTC / USD from the beginning of January caught some breathlessness, which caused a lot of losses for players. This can be seen with the results - 13 people liquidated (including the winner of the previous league LawrenceD - * shame on me *). 29 people in the red. Only 8 players out of 37 managed to increase the deposit.

What aroused the emotions of participants and observers of the February struggle without a doubt was the phenomenal form of the player ** dejv_to_ja *, who even before the start of the League drew the attention of other players putting at stake * 1 BTC *, as a deposit. Later it was only interesting, because Dejv skillfully multiplied his capital, surprising the other participants. At its peak - 4 days before the end of the league - its ROE was unprecedented in the history of our struggles * + 635.17%, or about 7.4 BTC ** of the deposit! Unfortunately, he failed to maintain this result and ended the league with a state of -44.86%. However, we have no illusions that Dejv was the main sponsor of high prizes in this league.

What does the quarterly classification look like after the current League? ** Robredo ** came first. ** LawrenceD ** had to give away 10 points, because he liquidated and is now in second place, but he has the same number of points as ** sirkostek ** and ** Jest3roZ **. The difference in places is only due to the color of the medals the players have won. You can view the full ranking [HERE] (https://www.trqpro.pl/liga-ranking).

! [Current ranking of the Annual League] (http://cms.trqpro.pl/uploads/17e631c707b8438887c5f7db8bfa8a4d.JPG)

From this place - I invite you to participate in the March edition of the TRQPro League. It will definitely be interesting. In this edition we will select a quarterly winner. The differences between the players are small, so it's difficult to predict the favorite at the moment. Be with us!

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