Brave was founded in May 2015 by Brendan Eich, the former president of the Mozilla Foundation responsible for creating Firefox, as well as the creator of the programming language JavaScript and Brian Bondy. In January 2016, Brave launched the first version of Brave with built-in ad blocking. Thanks to Brave the user is viewing data that is private and third-party trackers are automatically blocked. By August 2016, the company had received funds worth more than USD 7 million from leading venture companies, including founder, Peter Thiel, Propel Venture Partners, Pantera Capital, Foundation Capital and Digital Currency Group.
The browser payout function Brave initially supported bitcoins, but due to concerns about the scalability of Bitcoins, the project turned towards a new cryptocurrency that could meet the needs of the growing Brave ecosystem.
In March 2017, Brave announced a new blockchain-based digital advertising platform that uses an innovative Ethereum-based tool token called Basic Attention Token (BAT).

In addition to Brendan Eich, Brian Brondy is the second co-founder. He was also involved in the Mozilla Firefox project.
Yan Zhu is responsible for security and privacy. She has an extremely impressive CV and was part of the Yahoo security engineering team in 2014-2015. She was also elected to the Technical Architecture Group of the World Wide Web consortium.

The project includes a decentralized open source ad exchange platform designed to counteract fraud and opacity of digital ads. The BAT ecosystem also includes Brave, an open, privacy-oriented browser designed to block tracking programs and malware. The browser reduces page loading time, blocking ads, while enabling micropayments between publishers and content creators, and provides an alternative to advertising-based revenue sources. The [Brave] browser ( is available on both Widows, Mac OS and Linux, as well as on all mobile devices. The purpose of the BAT token is to create an ad exchange market that connects advertisers, publishers and users in a decentralized manner. Token Basic Attention deals with the following issues:
• Serves as an exchange unit, eliminating intermediaries.
• Rewards users, publishers and advertisers.
• Users are paid for paying attention to advertising.
• Publishers receive some of their advertising revenue as per the standard.
• Advertisers get a better return on investment for their content.

Browser functions Brave
• Privacy: the user's browsing data is completely private. Therefore, all information needed to match the ads will be unavailable. External tracking devices are also automatically blocked.
• Improved ad matching: The [Brave]browser( stores a complete set of user data along with intentional signals, active tabs, URLs, keyword search information, browsing information, etc. The platform along with the Brave can also determine whether users are at a favorable time and place when browsing websites to provide them with offers.
• Better experience: users don't have to reach for external servers every time the page is loaded. Because ad matching is done locally. This leads to high browsing quality, good battery life, lower data consumption and minimal disruption of content flow.

Link to the browser

Application of the BAT coin
From April 2019, Brave users can enable Brave Rewards, which send BAT micropayments to websites and content creators. Users receive a 70% share of advertising revenue as a reward for their attention, which they can automatically pass to publishers. Brave can automatically distribute user contributions based on how much time they spend on the pages or distribute user contributions according to their choice.

The BAT token is not subject to mining.
In turn, the ICO itself was quite controversial, it lasted only 30 seconds, during which USD 35 million was collected. At that time, 1 billion of the total pool of 1.5 billion tokens was sold. The remaining 366 million will be used to pay users and creators, while 134 million will be used to develop the platform.

BAT is one of the few tokens that actually apply in the real world beyond speculation. Brendan Eich created the Basic Attention Token with an admirable intention to minimize and eliminate significant amounts of online fraud. These problems have been and are still relevant to the digital marketing community. The creator and programmers proposed BAT as one of the possible solutions. Over time, tools such as BAT are becoming more and more needed. Anything that offers improvement and increased security is critical to the well-being of digital marketing. Nowadays it is quite difficult to emphasize the importance of such a system. Every day people suffer from scammers and hackers.


BAT is a token based on the ERC20 smart contract, which means that it is compatible with many portfolios supporting Ethereum tokens. The most popular online wallet for Ethereum tokens is [MyEtherWallet] (, but for security reasons it's better to use a compatible [MetaMask] wallet (
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Ledger Nano S

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