The third edition of this year's competition for the Best TRQPro Trader title on the BitMEX platform has ended in recent days! In this article I will briefly describe the course of the League!

Of course, I will start from the end, because it is the most interesting. The winner of March's league was Holistic by scoring +92.27% . The second place was taken by diemeq with a score of +75.6%, and the third place was filled by TobZuz with 52.51% in March. Congratulations to the top three and the others "earned". As can be seen from the statistics below - unfortunately there were not many of them in this edition of the tournament. You can see the results here

TOP10 of the March League

Anyone who follows the stock market prices knows that March has been marked by a phenomenon that is commonly referred to as Black Swan. In the case of BTC/USD, it was a drop of nearly 50% in one day, and given the highest price on 7.03 and the hole on 13.03, the depreciation was as high as 61.02% at the maximum. Deposits of many of the league participants were not properly secured for such circumstances, which resulted in 35 out of 48 players ending up with a deposit of no more than 10% of the starting amount... Only five great players increased their capital. All the rest had to accept the losses.

In the case of the winner of this edition of the League - Holistica - it can be seen that in the first days he dynamically increased his deposit and then focused on defending the result. Congratulations for keeping his nerves on the lead and bringing a great result. The second-ranked diemeq after a slightly shot through the middle of the league increased his deposit, and in the last days he let go enjoying second place. The same thing happened with TobZuz.

The quarterly ranking is also worth mentioning. The winner of this quarter is Robredo! Give it up for this gentleman. Of course - for such an achievement, a commemorative statuette is due. You can see what the annual ranking looks like below.

TOP10 Annual Ranking

To sum up - most players have something to think about during the monthly break from the ranking games. In April there will be no annual league. We are planning a short two-week BitMEX and Bybit games. We are testing the league on two platforms simultaneously. We encourage you to participate! If the idea works, we will implement an additional platform permanently. Join us here and sign up for the league! 😊

Current list of our channels

If you want to join and act with us - welcome aboard!

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