This year there have already been three ranked editions of the TRQPro Monthly League on the BitMEX platform, thus closing the first quarter and selecting the first quarterly winner. The scoreboard can be seen HERE. Meanwhile, quite recently we have managed to gain a new sponsor for our trading games. The official patron of the next three editions of the TRQPro Monthly League will be a FlyingAtom network of cryptocurrencies exchanges!

As part of the successful cooperation, the FlyingAtom team offers prizes for the top three of the next quarterly ranking. The winners will receive vouchers for use in the online store FlyingAtom worth 150 / 100 / 50 PLN.

At the moment there is a break from the ranking struggles of the Annual League. Nevertheless, we are playing a two-week league, during which we are testing new solutions. As you know, in order to meet the needs of traders who do not play BitMEX, we have also implemented the possibility to play the Bybit League, which many people liked. However, we are not settling down on our laurels, we are developing our league platform further and we can already officially confirm that in the next quarter, participants of the Annual League will have not two, but three platforms at their disposal!

From May 6, we're starting with the League on BitMEX, Bybit and Binance Futures!

We're now including three major exchanges in our portfolio, allowing you to trade in the league, so we hope you'll be even better off! Every single boweim can choose the platform that suits them.

The rules of participation in the League remain the same. No entry fee is charged, participation in the League is free! The registered league account must be created from the TRQPro affiliate link. There is a minimum deposit of 0.005 XBT on the BitMEX platform, while for Bybit and Binance it is 50 USDT. We encourage you to visit the League rank, where you can find more information and an application form.

We have also acquired new media partners. These are Comparic and BitHub, which are information platforms known to many people on the subject of investing in crypto and beyond!

See you at the start!

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If you want to join and act with us - welcome aboard!

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