Zeendex or SOTA Finance, which of these projects will be better?
Or maybe it is worth investing in both?
We chose 2 projects as investments for the nearest ones that have a chance for reasonable growth. Of course, as it happens with this type of investment, it is associated with a high risk - but it can also give greater profits in the future. We will inform you from time to time about important events on them - as well as price progress.

Zeedex - is a decentralized exchange that offers low transaction fees on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) networks. Project under development - April 7, 2021 is to be the opening of the stock exchange (which has been postponed for some time). As for the chart itself - this coin has already gone up a lot in recent months - but looking at the number of coins and the Market cap, I think it has a lot of potential for further increases.
! [text] (https://cms.trqpro.pl/uploads/f52776c11b78482a85b3badd7203d518.png) • https://charts.cointrader.pro/snapshot/mN5BM

SOTA - NFT stock exchange that focuses on art. An interesting project in line with the current NFT trend. The stock exchange itself is very transparent. It also allows stacking -1 pumpkin / 100 SOTA / day - thanks to this, we can receive works of art for keeping our coins with them.
! [text] (https://cms.trqpro.pl/uploads/419621c5944345c79e32b6883e1e772a.png)

• Market Cap: $ 40M

You can buy both of these tokens through Uniswap or on the exchange [Bilaxy] (https://bilaxy.com/user/register?intro=1536326 )

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If you want to join and act with us - welcome aboard!

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